Sharp GF-777 Boombox
The Sharp GF-777 boombox is considered by many to be the “Holy Grail” of boomboxes. It was released around 1984 and is known as one of the biggest, if not biggest boombox to come gf-777 boombox

Multi-Amp 3-Way 6-Speaker System Massive 90W PMPO
Dynamic Super Woofer Sound
16cm (6 1/2″) Woofer with Rigid Speaker Ring
Horn Tweeter for Clear, Crisp Highs
Two Decks Side by Side, for Versatile Record/Playback
Soft-Touch Cassette Controls
Brilliant Metal Tape Sound
APLD (Auto Program Locate Device)
Sharp Super Noise Reduction System

4-inch woofers
2-inch tweeter
Dual cassette decks in the upper left
Removable speaker grilles
Main woofers have individual bass controls
Bass control
Loudness button
Treble control
VU meters
Line In

Stereo Radio – Tape Recorder
Power Source: 110-120/210-220/230-240V, 50/60Hz DC 15V
60 watts
Dimensions – 752x379x166mm, 29 inches wide (2 feet, 5 inches) and 15 inches tall (1 foot, 3 inches)
Weight – 12.2 kg
Frequency Range –
FM – 87.6-108 MHz
SW2 – 7.3-22 MHz
SW1 – 2.3-7.3 MHz
AM – 526.5-1606.5 MHz

Other Model Numbers
Sharp GF-777Z