Lasonic TRC-931 Boombox

Lasonic TRC-931 Boombox
The Lasonic TRC-931 boombox is one of the Holy Grail boomboxes produced in 1985 by Lasonic or Yung Fu Electrical Appliances. It can be seen in many early breakdancing movies and current music videos like The Clerks or music videos like Got the Life by Korn, Boombox by The Lonely Island and Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd.


2″ x 2″ tweeters
2″ x 8″ woofers
2 cassette decks
2 telescoping antennas
ALC search
Auto stop, auto reverse
Beat switch
Line in/Line out
Built in condenser Mic/Mic in
Tape Counter
Loudness Button
Phono In
Power switch (on/off)
Mix Volume Control
Headphone jack
Volume Control
LED VU and output power indicators
balance control
tape selector
two telescopic antennas
5 band equalizer

48 W mains power consumption